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A collection of my favorite blogging resources and tools for emerging entrepreneurs to build an online business.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do, but I only recommend tools that I’ve tried and tested.  See my full disclosures page for more information.




The Blog Planner

A 40-page blog planner that includes an undated content calendar, checklists, SEO, and content strategy.

a free blog planner


600+ Opt-In Freebie Ideas

A list of 600+ lead magnet ideas that you can create to EXPLODE your email list, perfect for any niche.

a list of blogging resources and freebies, like these blog freebie ideas to grow an email list


Pre-launch Blog Checklist

Start your money-making blog the RIGHT way, by making sure you do everything on this 49-point checklist.

a list of blogging resources and freebies, like this free checklist of tasks to do before launching your blog


85 Blog Post Ideas

85 Fill-in-the-blank headlines ideas for your next blog post, that will get your audience to slow the scroll!

a free list of blog post ideas


Fifty 5-Minute Blogging Tasks

For the busy blogger that has no time, this is a list of tasks you can do in small pockets of time throughout your day.

a list of blogging resources and freebies, like this free list of blogging tasks to stay more productive, even if you don't have time


ADHD Digital Daily Planner

Simply designed daily planner to reduce distraction. Features guided planning prompts to reduce overwhelm.

a free ADHD digital planner

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Favorite Marketing Tools

to make scaling your business so much easier

email marketing

Automate growing and nurturing your email subscriber list with Convertkit. I’ve tried other email platforms, and Convertkit is just the easiest to use and most reliable to deliver.

email marketing

The only reason I haven’t tried Flodesk, is because it doesn’t integrate with my page builder (Divi) yet. But if you want to send beautifully designed emails, Flodesk is where its at.

Pinterest Scheduling

Ain’t nobody got time to be pinning on Pinterest all day.  Schedule your pins to be posted on Pinterest, by using Tailwind, ahead of time.  Tailwind suggests optimal pinning times for you, so you don’t even have to figure out when your audience is active.

Online Marketplace

Creative Market is an online marketplace that sells fonts, graphics, stock photography, and other digital goods for use by creatives. This is my favorite place to go for premade Canva templates.

Productivity Software

Keep your blog organized on the back end by keeping everything in one place with Notion. In Notion, you can store your content calendar, swipe files, rough drafts, business finances, and more. BONUS: you can even create your own Notion templates and sell them for an additional income stream.

graphic design for beginners

Canva is a graphic design platform that is easy for beginners to learn how to create graphics for social media, your blog and your brand.  Canva has thousands of premade templates that you can simply edit to match your brand.  As a beginner, this was invaluable to me.

More Free Resources for Creatives


Eli Natoli

Eli’s business is centered around providing and leading clients with SERVICE first.

The Service First Framework book focuses on that principle but also teaches you how to develop your own signature framework around an offer to get more customers.

The book details a unique 5-part sales funnel to attract and convert your exact target audience.  It is one of the best business books I have ever read.

Suzi, Start a Mom Blog

The Perfect Blog Plan is a step-by-step, 12 month plan that Suzi followed herself to scale her blogging business to making $10k a month!

The Perfect Blog Plan gives you an exact blueprint of the steps you need to take to grow your blog, your website traffic, your email list, and your profits.

If you are a new blogger (or even experienced), and feel confused about what steps to take next in your blogging business, this guide is for you.

Michelle, Making Sense of Cents

Michelle earns over $50,000 A MONTH, just from affiliate marketing!

In this ebook, Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggersshe answers how she got started making this much money with affiliate marketing, and how bloggers can get paid using her same methods.

The ebook lists out the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, and includes 26 affiliate marketing tips.

lena, what mommy does

Blog Traffic Bonus Guide explains the foundational strategies for driving traffic to your blog.

In the ebook, you will learn how to create content to get more page views, how to give your readers exactly what they want and need, and the types of posts you MUST publish to generate traffic.

This ebook is the prequel to Traffic Transformation: 21 Strategies I used to go from 17K to 400K page views in 10 months.  I reference this in the paid courses section.

lucrezia & marina, blogging for new bloggers

Blogs are required to comply with laws and regulations that oversee online activities.  This may include, but is not limited to data protection, privacy laws and disclosure regulations.

Legally Blogs is a free course that teaches about the legal requirements of blogging, and the legal pages you need to include on your blog, and it introduces you to protecting your blog content with copyrights.
Legally Blogs also explains what CCPA and GDPR are and what is needed to comply with those regulations.

Elna, Twins Mommy

Elna made over $68K, just from affiliate marketing, and that was back in 2022!

She created a list of 100 proven tips that she uses to make money in her own blogging business.

Get 100 Tips to Make $1000 Blogging, so you can replicate her tactics and scale your blog to generate over $20K a month, like Elna.

"Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field."

Brian Tracy

Paid Courses that Made me a Successful Blogger

I’ve taken alot of courses…these listed here are worth the price tag

Vague generalities without any actionable steps, drives me up the wall.  You know what I’m talking about. There will be none of that here.  These courses are high-quality and actually tell you what to do to get the results you are looking for.

mike futia

Stupid Simple Blogging is a course about increasing organic website traffic and improving Google rankings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I thought I understood the basics of SEO before I took Stupid Simple Blogging. I’m here to tell you….

I had NO idea before this course. It is only open a few times a year, so sign up for the waitlist below.

This course also teaches about pinning on Pinterest, Facebook, using AI, niche selection and more!

michelle, making sense of cents

In Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, Michelle teaches her exact tips and tricks on how she earns over $50,000 A MONTH, just from affiliate marketing.  She is THE expert in this niche.

Her free ebook, Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers is the prequel to this course.

carly, mommy on purpose

Carly gets over 100K page views per month to her blog from Pinterest! Learn how to harness the power of Pinterest for your own blog, in her course Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 She teaches her exact strategies for consistently bringing in this amount of traffic, so you can replicate her process and results.

Lena, What Mommy Does

Lena increased her page views from 17K to 400K in 10 months, by researching traffic boosting strategies, and implementing one practice per day!  Traffic Transformation shares 21 actionable steps that Lena took to get these results.  Her customers have repeated these steps and had similar results.  Traffic Transformation is a no-brainer.

Jenna Kutcher

In The Content Lab, Jenna reveals her 5-step system for creating effective content, and how to repurpose it, to extend its shelf.

The Content Lab gives you an exact schedule and strategy to repurpose your content, so you barely have to even think about it.

create and go

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is your step-by-step plan to repeat the success of Create and Go, and their students, on Pinterest. This course teaches you how to earn money by driving traffic to your source of income.

With a 14-day money-back guarantee on this course, you have run out of excuses not to take Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

Website Resources

needed at every stage of your business

website hosting

BigScoots is the hosting provider that I use and I highly recommend them.  Hosting plans start at just $6.95 a month, and come with 24/7/365 customer support available within 30 seconds of your request, a free SSL, and proactive monitoring and protection.

web design

Elementor is a webpage builder plugin in WordPress.  It allows users to create custom web layouts, design elements, and styling without the use of coding. Elementor includes a visual editor, so you can visualize your website as you design it, and see exactly what your visitors will see.

As a beginner with no knowledge of CSS code of web design, Elementor is a lifesaver

site speed optimization

WP Rocket is a cache plugin that boosts your loading time and improves page speed.

Site speed is an important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If your page speed is slow, people will quickly leave your website, making your bounce rate high.  WP Rocket isn’t going to let that happen to you.  They got you boo.

image optimization

Image size is relevant to site speed, because if your images are too large, they can significantly slow down your website loading time.

Imagify integrates with WP Rocket to improve web performance.   When I upload a new image, this plugin immediately begins compressing and resizing it for optimal performance.  It does so without sacrificing image quality, so I can still use images on my website as much as I want.



Grammarly is an app that checks the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity of your sentences in your blog posts and pages.  Grammarly also has browser extension features that you can use on all of your digital devices, to clarify and correct your personal and professional communication (like text messages and email). I literally use Grammarly all the time.


learning marketplace

Skillshare is an online learning marketplace with thousands of online courses.  It’s my inner nerd’s best friend.  You can purchase courses individually, but I pay an annual fee to have access to all of their courses.

Course topics that have really helped me on Skillshare include digital marketing, graphic design, marketing psychology, email marketing, sales, and copywriting.

If you found this list helpful (and I certainly hope you did, because I made it just for YOU!), please share on Pinterest.  We all have to help each other out in this blogging game. 

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