Etsy is an e-commerce platform, or marketplace, that features unique gifts from independent sellers, like you and me. Anyone is eligible to open an Etsy store and sell original products that they created.

I sell digital products that I have made out of my Etsy store, and I’m willing to bet you are interested in doing the same since you are here. Here, I have listed the top 50 digital products to sell on Etsy, and provided real examples from my store and others.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosures page for more information.


01. Digital Planners

I chose this product first because I HAVE to tell you about the best digital planner that exists.  The Etsy Shop, AmethystGarnet, has MASTERED digital planning and their planner provides every imaginable customizable option for their customers.

According to Ubersuggest, the search volume for the word “digital planner” in the last month was 18,100 (as of September 2023).  Digital planners are crazy popular on e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Creative Market. 

However, even though digital planners are in high demand, the market for selling them is also highly competitive. You can still profit from creating digital planners though.

The trick is to niche down on digital planners that are not as competitive, like the following examples in 2-6.

Check out this digital planner by AmethystGarnet, here.


02. ADHD Digital Planners

Traditional planners do not work for ADHD. I have a whole blog post, explaining the science behind this here. Those with ADHD are consistently inconsistent. This makes the use of traditional planners difficult for anyone with ADHD.

I created my own ADHD daily digital planner, with the ADHD brain in mind (because that’s how my brain works too). This ADHD digital daily planner features guided priority planning, a brain dump, and reward sections. It also includes an untimed planner section for time blocking.

These digital planners are in high demand. The market isn’t oversaturated yet, so go ahead and make an ADHD digital planner!

Check out this ADHD daily digital planner by me, here.

50 best digital products to sell on Etsy

03. Budget/Financial Digital Planners

Everybody could use some guidance with their financials, right? I know it’s not just me because when I do my keyword research, digital budget planners are products with high search volumes.

I created a digital budget planner that features, debt trackers, savings trackers, bill payment trackers, calendars, and more. Check out this Budget digital planner by me, here.

04. Teaching Planners

Demand for Teacher Planners may be more seasonal in the fall, around the time when school starts. But when I do my keyword research, teaching planners are always a popular product.

Lesson plans, grades, and dates on the class calendar always need to stay organized. I like this teaching planner design by OneStopCentre shown here.

05. Student Planners

Like teacher planners, this might be more of a seasonally popular item in the fall. But, you can still make money selling these planners!

I like phenixdigital’s take on this digital product, because they allow their customers to choose from a variety of theme colors.

06. Wedding Planners

Weddings occur year-round, but this could arguably be a seasonal product as well since Spring is a popular time of year for people to get married. A digital wedding planner is a convenient way to keep your wedding day, and ALL that it entails, organized.

Since all the information is on a digital device, it’s a lot easier to carry it with you to all your appointments!

I like this option from tinacreativeco, which gives you the option to use this digital download, digitally or as a printable.  Check it out here.

07. Planner Inserts

Customers who have purchased a digital planner may want to add additional pages. In this case, a good option is purchasing planner inserts to supplement.

You can create these supplemental planner inserts to sell on Etsy and make money. I couldn’t find any of these for sale on Etsy, but you could be the first! Just make sure they are actually in demand before you spend your time creating a product.

08. Invitations

Whatever the occasion is, you can make an invitation for it! Ideas include wedding invitations, birthday party invitations, or baby shower invitations.

You can create an editable digital invitation template. Customers who buy the template can personalize it on their own.

I love this design done by SayItSociallyShop.  Check it out here.

09. Stationary

Designing stationery to sell on Etsy is another option. But, it likely will not be passive income, since a lot of the stationary orders will be custom. But you can still generate a profit from this!

Check out this beautiful and simple stationary by fairmontandgrove, here.

10. ChatGPT Prompts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be especially helpful to give ideas to content creators. It can be used for inspiration to write blog posts, email marketing copy, and landing pages. Technically, you can get AI to write all your content for you, but I do not recommend this. It’s not only sleazy, but Google doesn’t like it either.

The trick is knowing what prompts to give AI, for the results you want. AI gurus have learned these prompt hacks, and customers can purchase them. If you are skilled in utilizing AI to get the results you want, you can monetize this talent!

This ChatGPT prompt bundle by Promptalia contains over 15,000 prompts, WITH RESELL RIGHTS, for less than $4.  Head on over to this Etsy listing to check out this steal of a deal.

best digital product to sell on Etsy

11. PLR (Private Label Rights) Products

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which allow you to purchase the work of someone else and sell it as your own.


All PLR digital products come with their own license, meaning they may not all have the same stipulations (so I can’t speak for everyone’s PLR products).


Generally. though, PLR products are the ready-made creation of someone else, that is accompanied by an intellectual property license from the owner, that is granted to you when you purchase the product.


The license allows you to claim authorship, fully modify the product as you wish, and the ability to sell it as your own product. Some people prefer this method, as it saves a lot of time with both the creative process and the development of digital products.

I created a PLR ebook on how to create a digital planner to sell on Etsy.  You can see it here.


12. Logos

You can design logos for brands. But, make sure to review the licensing agreement in the program that you create it in. For instance, Canva does not allow you to trademark logos made with their templates.  See Canva’s logo restrictions here.

Take a look at these logo designs by SociallyyCreative here.

13. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

JPEG and PNG graphic formats store image information in colored boxes, known as a bitmap. SVG graphics differ from these formats. They are made up of a series of points, lines, and mathematical formulas. You can easily save an image in SVG format in Canva.

Take at look at this MEGA SVG bundle by CitraGraphics, here.

14. Digital Stickers

Digital stickers are commonly used in digital planners and journals. If you decide to create digital stickers to sell, make sure you precrop them, so your customer doesn’t have to.

Check out these Professional digital stickers from OwlSpiritStudio, here.

15. Spreadsheets

Excel and Google Sheets are common programs used to make and manage spreadsheets. These are useful for staying organized, while still being able to visualize a large amount of data, as it is spread across the spreadsheet. This format is beneficial in budget planners and habit trackers.

Is this budget spreadsheet planner from CoProducts, shown here, not beautiful?!  It almost makes you want to budget your money-ha!

16. Canva Templates (Infographics, Pinterest Pins, Book Covers, Etc.)

This includes everything else not mentioned, that you can create in Canva to sell. Examples may include Pinterest pins, infographics, and book covers.

I love these Pinterest pin templates designed by DigiTemplateShop.  You can see them here.  The design of these Pinterest pins follow Carly Campbell’s recommendations in her course, Pinteresting Strategies.

17. Workbooks/Ebooks

Workbook/Ebook templates are helpful for course creators to supplement a presentation. They can also be utilized as an opt-in lead magnet. Customers can boost their productivity using these simple plug-and-play templates.

I designed this workbook/ebook template, which is fully editable in Canva.  Take a look at this listing to see if you would like to make these digital products.

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18. Website Templates and Themes

Website Templates and Themes are the perfect option to create a beautiful website layout.  This is especially true for people that are not tech-savvy, The website template is done for you, all you have to do is download the demo content.

Theme and templates for sale on Etsy usually come with the layout for several website pages. Check the listing description to be sure what features are included.

Look at this beautiful design by studiosaroya, here.

19. Social Media Templates

If you are an influencer on social media, you know the pressure to stay consistent can be exhausting.  Relieve your customers of this burden by designing social media templates.  Plug-and-play templates allow customers to easily customize them as needed.

I created this bundle of social media templates, specifically for realtors. There are so many industries that could use these time-saving templates. Give it a try and see the example that I created here.

social media templates to sell on Etsy

20. Printables

A printable is a digital file that can be printed off by the customer. Printables are instantly delivered after purchase, in a digital form. The customer can print it as many times as they need to after only purchasing the template one time.

This Printable Planner Bundle has you covered from all directions, planning-wise. Check out this comprehensive bundle by lovingmondays here.

21. Media Kits

Media Kits are a set of promotional materials that bloggers give to brands to share their information. This is done when a blogger wants to be considered for collaboration with the brand. Media kits include follower demographics, analytics, and audience numbers.

I created a media kit template and you can get it for free by signing up for my email newsletter list below.  The media kit template will be sent directly to your inbox and is fully editable in Canva.

22. Email Newsletter Templates

Every blogger knows the importance of nurturing their email subscriber list. Help out your customers by creating email newsletter templates.  Sending beautiful, eye-catching emails has never been easier. If you are good at email marketing, this is a great option for you to monetize on Etsy.

I like these email newsletter templates designed by LittleMuseTemplates. You can catch them here.

23. Checklists/To-Do Lists

Does anybody else get a little rush of dopamine when you can mark something off your to-do list? You can create a digital checklist/to-do list for any niche. I have one in my pop-up, a pre-launch blog checklist. If you are idle for 30 seconds, it should pop up for you, so check that out.

I created an ADHD cleaning planner that you can check out here.


adhd digital cleaning planner

24. Presentation Templates

Presentation templates are premade templates that course creators can use in their courses. You can create these customizable templates to mark that off your customer’s to-do list.

Check out these beautiful presentation slides designed by HelloMediaTemplates here.

25. Sales Funnel Templates

If you are lucky enough to have the sales gene, monetize it by creating digital sales funnel templates. Digital marketers use sales funnels to drive conversions for their products and services.

Look at this beautiful sales page template that was created in Canva by GlowCEO.

26. Branding Bundles

Every business wants to present a consistent branding design with every customer interaction. Branding bundle templates contain multiple products with the same consistent design.

This Branding kit by switzertemplates contains over 1000 templates! This promises consistent branding design across social media, emails, business cards, and more. Check it out here.

27. Digital Journals

Digital journals take little effort to create (since most of the design consists of blank lines). You don’t have to come up with any content for this project, only a simple design for your digital journal.

This digital daily journal by ThrivePlanners is the perfect example of how classic this simple design can be.

28. Resume/Cover Letter Templates

Trying to find a job and going to the interview is stressful enough. Creating a resume that really stands out in a stack of papers, just adds more pressure. Take this task off of your customer’s to-do list by creating templates for resumes and cover letters.

Who knew a resume could be so pretty? Check out this resume template by ResumeMatch.


29. Coloring Pages

Children and adults alike, enjoy coloring. Printable coloring pages provide an added level of convenience for the customer. Not to mention, a good source of stress relief!

I just love this Think Like a Girl Affirmation Coloring Book by AJBrookeFinds.

best digital product to sell on Etsy

30. Lightroom Presets

These are extremely popular in the photography niche. Presets are photo-editing settings that have been saved to allow the customer to reproduce a similar picture exposure to the demo.

This is such a genius idea! If you are familiar with editing in Adobe Lightroom, you should monetize your talents! Seriously, do not sleep on this monetization method!

I love the photo examples for this Whimsical Timeless Preset.

31. Worksheets

Worksheets are in high demand! They can include brain teasers or worksheets to aid in a business presentation at work. Worksheets can help an audience take notes or can be used by the customer to improve a facet of their life.

This Coaching Worksheet Bundle by HustleHubCo helps customers take their marketing to the next level with persuasive graphics.  Check it out here.

32. Meal Planners & Recipe Cards

Printable recipe cards are quite easy to make, as the majority of the design consists of blank lines for the customer to fill out with their recipe. Editable recipe cards will allow the customer to add their recipe before printing, making it so much neater.

I love these simple recipe cards by DiegoRae.

33. Crochet/Knitting/Sewing Patterns

Crochet/knitting/sewing is kind of a lost art form, but if you are lucky enough to have this skill, you can monetize it on Etsy.

Check out this ADORABLE baby romper pattern by MimiKnitPatterns here.

34. Wall Art

There are so many directions you could take printable digital wall art. This could include holiday signs, artwork, or personalized signs.

This is such a convenient option for customers, as the digital wall art download is delivered instantly after purchase. Therefore, customers don’t have to wait for it to be delivered, or worry about prints possibly being damaged during shipment.

I love this Christmas print bundle by KIKIANDNIM. I want every sign in this photo.

35. Fonts

Font bundles on Etsy are a great value for customers to help them find a unique font for their business. It’s also just fun to play around with fonts for your Cricut, calligraphy, and more.

I love this font bundle from QwrtypeFoundry. They are so dainty and feminine.

36. Business Cards

Business card templates allow businesses to edit a business card to match their logo and branding.

Check out this beautiful business card template by TrendyFoxStudio here.

37. Wedding Printables

The wedding niche is HUGE in the digital product world, and if you can beat the competition, you will always have the business. Wedding printables can include wedding invitations, Save The Date cards, table numbers, wedding signs, and bridal shower games.

Look at this beautiful wedding printable bundle by SpendidMoment. Bundling products can ensure a cohesive look throughout the whole wedding.

passive income

38. Gift Tags

Editable gift tags are a great way to spruce up a gift, with personalized, printable tags. You can make them for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions.

Look at these beautiful Christmas gift tags by PrintablesDeParis here.

39. Wallpaper

This is more for the background of your digital device, rather than actual wallpaper for your walls. But people will pay you to make their phone/tablet/computer look pretty! So give the people what they want!

Who knew ghosts could be so pretty? Check out these wallpaper designs by VictojaDesigns here.

40. Learning Material for Children

There is a huge market for homeschooling and learning materials for kids. This can include educational posters, writing practice, learning the names of objects, and more.

These educational posters by designsbySEJO are so beautiful to look at.

41. Greeting Cards. Thank You Cards

Send a digital greeting card/thank you note, or print one out to send via snail mail. This gives your customers the option to send a card they like, without having to spend time to design it. There are truly some talented folks out there making greeting cards, so if you decide to go this route, know you are going to have some competition!

I love this simple little anniversary or birthday card by ChartreuseOnTheLoose.


42. Wrapping Paper

Who knew you could instantly download wrapping paper patterns? I love how convenient this option is for customers who are running behind on the way to a party or get-together.

See these cute Christmas patterns by Mifadesign here.

43. ClipArt

Clip art is just a digital image that you can use in any digital project (including the digital products that you are making to sell on Etsy! However, make sure to read the licensing agreement before using ClipArt in a product you will sell. See this YouTube video on how to use Clip Art within the Commercial use guidelines.

This Dusty Rose Floral clipart from opiadesignstudio is one of the prettiest images I have found on Etsy. Check it out here.

50 best digital products to sell on Etsy

44. Puzzles

Digital puzzles can be used to combat boredom, or even strengthen brain power. Digital puzzles that you can create include crossword puzzles, word searches, sudoku, math puzzles, logic puzzles, and more.

I love this puzzle bundle MsOrganised. It has over 8,000 activities in the bundle, and they can be used (and reused) on a PDF annotation app like Goodnotes or Notability. See the puzzle bundle here.

45. Invoice Templates

I’m going to be honest, I had no idea how popular these were on Etsy until I started creating this list for you. But invoice templates are the niche to explore! Businesses can apply their branding to invoice templates, making a sale with them even more memorable.

See an example of a chic invoice template designed by MeadowPrintCompany here. I had no idea that an invoice could look so pretty!

46. Address Labels

Address labels instantly make your mail look more professional, neater, and cleaner. You can make personalized address labels to sell (although this won’t be passive income, since they are personalized and vary per order) for individuals and businesses. Everybody has an address!

Look at this roll of address labels by InstantInvitation. I’ll take one in each font, please. See them here.

47. Trackers

If you can name it, you can track it! Customers like to use trackers to record their habits, their mood, their menstrual cycle, product inventory, hydration levels, weather patterns, and more.

Check out this beautiful inventory tracker by PLANCONCEPT. I don’t have any inventory I need to track (hooray for digital products), but I kind of want this tracker because it is so pretty. See the inventory tracker here.

48. Games

Customers may buy games to dispose of their boredom, for their children, or events like baby showers. These can include word games, road trip games, puzzles, bridal shower games, bachelorette party games, and more.

I love this Minimalist Bridal Shower Game Bundle by WeDoHoney. Check it out here.

49. Mockup Templates

Mockup templates can really save a creator’s time by doing their mockup photos for them. These drag-and-drop templates allow creators to simply plug in their Etsy listing photos and descriptions. The design is already done for them.

I have 50 free Etsy listing mockup templates that you can have delivered right now to your inbox.  Just enter your email below and I’ll have them to you in a jiffy (check your spam folder if you don’t see it).

50. Etsy Shop Branding

Help other creators improve their Etsy shop with Branding Bundles.  These can include logos, color palettes, shop banners, and profile pictures.

Check out this Etsy Shop Branding Starter Kit by DesignsBySorelle here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why sell digital products on Etsy?

>>> One of my favorite reasons is that the traffic is already there in Etsy.  Sure, I sell digital products on my personal website, but I have to market my products HARD just to get people to know they exist.

It’s hard work y’all. With Etsy, they already have buyers coming to shop on their platform.  You just have to make sure they find YOUR shop and present your items in such a way that shoppers can’t resist what you’re selling.

>>> With digital products you don’t need to waste time or money with manufacturing, storing supplies, or shipping your products.  Your customers also don’t have a waiting period from the time they purchase, for any shipped items to eventually show up.

Digital products are delivered instantly to your email inbox as soon as you purchase them. For free I might add, unlike the cost of shipping. Why WOULDN’T you sell digital products on Etsy?!

>>> Along the same lines, Etsy already has features like instant delivery of digital products in place, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of delivery.

>>> There is very little investment involved upfront with selling digital products. All you need is a digital device and some creativity. You can design digital templates on Keynote (free for Apple users), or the free version of Canva.

It only costs $0.20 per listing to sell on Etsy and you get to keep the rest of the profit.

>>> Etsy is an established and trusted website with a secure payment system in place that customers feel comfortable giving their financial information to.

Can you earn a passive income selling digital products on Etsy?

Digital products are THE BEST way to earn passive income.  You can make a product one time, and sell it over and over again, even while you sleep!

Selling digital products on Etsy can be a lucrative online business with consistency and market research.  The benefits of opening your own digital product Etsy shop certainly outweigh the risks.  So why not give it a try?

That's a wrap, folks.

That's a wrap, folks.

Thank you for hanging out with me and reading this blog post.  Did one of these digital product ideas resonate with you?  Which ones do you want to try?


If you found this post helpful, can you please share it on Pinterest?  And don’t forget to sign up for the freebies in this blog post and down in the footer.


Email me if you have any questions, or have something you would like to see on my site.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

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