Being a small business owner can be overwhelming, especially if it is just you wearing all the hats of your business.  A cheap option to help with content creation when you are a solopreneur is utilizing PLR digital products.

This post defines PLR digital products, and how you can use them to earn passive income and scale your business

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What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which allow you to purchase the the work of someone else and sell it as your own.

All PLR digital products come with their own license, meaning they may not all have the same stipulations. Generally, PLR products are the ready-made creation of someone else, that is accompanied by an intellectual property license from the owner, that is granted to you when you purchase the product.

The license allows you to claim authorship, fully modify the product as you wish, and the ability to sell it as your own product. Some people prefer this method, as it saves a lot of time with both the creative process and the development of a digital products.

Pros and Cons of Selling PLR Digital Products


    1. Efficient: Save your valuable time, by leaving the design and creation of your digital planner to someone else.
    2. Flexibility: you can modify the product in its entirety, or sell it as-is.
    3. Authorship: you can claim authorship of the product and put your name/brand/logo on it to claim it as your own.
    4. You can use PLR digital products to grow your audience by offering as a freebie.
    5. Come in a wide variety of products to help you grow your business (ebooks, courses, blog posts, digital planners, etc.)
    6. Inexpensive: usually PLR content is available at a highly discounted rate.  It’s significantly cheaper than hiring someone to come up with content ideas for you.

Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy, or burning the midnight oil…
It’s more about priorities, planning, and fiercely protecting your time.

Gary Keller


  1. Non-exclusive: others may own the same rights and products you do.  Because of this, it is recommended revise the product and make it unique to you.
  2. Some PLR digital products are not high quality.  Find out as much about the product as you can before purchasing.
  3. Restrictions: some PLR digital products may come with restrictions of how you can use them.  Review the PLR license before purchase.

Common PLR Mistakes

    • Forgetting to look at a selling platform’s (ex. Etsy) policies on selling PLR digital products.  Make sure you read these policies, so that you stay within guidelines.
    • Purchasing from a source that isn’t reputable.  Do your research on who you are purchasing from, so you don’t waste your money on a low quality product.
    • Skipping customization.  Yes, most PLR licenses will say you can sell the product as-is and you certainly CAN, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD.  Duplicate content is generally frowned upon on selling platforms and Google.  It is essential for you to revise the content so that it is unique.

How to Earn Money with PLR Digital Products

1. Sell PLR Digital Products

    • Sell on an online marketplace (ex. Etsy): Be sure to review each marketplace’s policies for selling plr products on their platform.
    • Sell on your personal website: you will likely need a third-party program, like WooCommerce or Shopify, to be able to sell from your site.  See my PLR products for sale here.

The difference between these two options are online marketplaces already have traffic, you just have to get the traffic to your storefront. With your own website, you have to drive traffic to it, using SEO optimization, Pinterest and social media.

If you are lost when it comes to SEO like I used to be, I recommend Mike Futia’s course Stupid Simple Blogging. It teaches you verified hacks to increase your website traffic and income.  This course so much more in depth than anything else on the internet. The content really blew my mind.

2. Give Away PLR Products

You can give a PLR digital product away as a freebie to grow your audience and email list.   Listen here, people aren’t going to just give you their email address for no reason.

You need to provide them something of value for their email address. And that something of value just might be a PLR product!

Why should you want to grow your email list? Well, those are “your people”, “your posse”, “your homeslices”, and they just might become customers one day.  Provide them value today.

Hey, speaking of which, I have a PLR Digital Planner Design Ebook that I would love for you to have.  It is a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own digital planner in Apple Keynote, that includes tutorials on Etsy SEO, PDF annotation apps and PLR. 

Have the PLR Digital Planner Design Ebook sent straight to your inbox (check the spam folder if you don’t see it) by filling out the information above.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates will commonly use a bonus to encourage people to buy from their affiliate link.  For example, “If you buy from my affiliate link, I will share this bonus with you.”  The bonus could be a PLR digital product.

4. Package PLR Digital Products Together

Combine PLR products that have something in common together, to create an ultra valuable content package.

plr products

5. Utilize PLR for Blog Content Ideas

I get it, it’s a pain always coming up with new content ideas. Using PLR blog posts in your blog can help relieve that stress, without the cost of paying someone else to write it for you.

BUT for the love of Pete, make the content your own. 

Duplicate content isn’t going to be favored by Google, so make the PLR content your own.  Infuse your own personality, and the way you write, into the PLR post.

6. Split a PLR Ebook and use it Multiple Ways

You can also split a PLR ebook into multiple pieces of content, which can be used for blog post content, email newsletters, or freebies/bonus content.

7. Combine PLR Products Together to make your own Ebook to Sell

You can use PLR digital products to your advantage in so many ways.  The most valuable way that PLR helps you is saving you time.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Free PLR ebook on how to create your own digital planner below.


Thanks for hanging out with me and reading this blog post.  Is there a digital product that you would prefer that I make, instead of what I have offered on my website?  Or is there a topic you want to learn about?  Let me know!

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