Skyrocket your Email List

By Participating in Bundles

an ebook: How-to skyrocket your email list

with bundles

Learn how and why to exponentially grow your email list

my exact method for growing my list by 87%

Bundles are a collaboration between business owners, where they can bring their expertise, resources and offers to their audience, at an extremely discounted rate for so much value.  Giveaway events are a similar form of collaboration, but the bundle is given away for free.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator with an established email subscriber list, or a newbie looking to start your email subscriber list from scratch, this ebook has you covered.

Say goodbye to the days of putting in so much effort, only to see a subscriber here and there…

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As a bundle contributor, you can grow your email list exponentially in a small amount of time.


Expand brand awareness to a fresh audience as the host and the other participants share the bundle with their audience.


If the bundle has an affiliate program, you can earn affiliate commissions when your audience purchases the bundle through your affiliate link.

More BENEFITS of participating in bundles

Pain points go here

01Grow strong partnerships with others in your niche.

02Provide your existing audience with A TON of value.

03Show your products and increase likelihood of future sales.

04Get reinvited by the host to bundles in the future.

email list growth with bundles

Everyone tells you to start growing your email list from the very beginning…

But just how do you do that, with little to no website traffic, when you first start out? I know exactly how frustrating this conundrum is because I experienced it too.  I couldn’t grow my email subscriber list greater than 20-30, no matter how great my opt-in freebies were.

I had so many opt-in freebie options, trying to find one that would resonate with my audience.  I felt like I was giving so much value away FOR FREE , and it still wasn’t doing me any good.

Does any of this sound like you? Then you’ll really want to hear the rest…

email list

Skyrocket your Email List

with Bundles Ebook (Regularly $19), FREE for you today

Learn the exact method I used to grow my email list by 87% in less than one month!

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What is Included

in the ultimate ebook about bundles?

This Ebook includes everything you need to know about how to get started with bundles and use them to your ultimate advantage.


All About Bundles

What are bundles and giveaway events?  What are the PROS and CONS of participating in bundles?

Weigh the pros and cons to decide if participating in bundles is best for you.


Find Bundles to Participate In

Have you seen others promoting bundles, but its when it’s too late to submit anything into it as a contributor?

I share tips & tricks on how I find bundles to participate in, and just in time.


How-to get Accepted to Bundles

Have you ever applied to a bundle, only to find out that the host requires you to have an established email list already to even participate? Yea…me too.

I share my exact secrets for getting accepted to bundles, even when you’re first starting out and have a tiny email list (like I did in the beginning).


What you Need to know as a Contributor

Benefits to the host, benefits to the contributors, and benefits to the buyers/subscribers.  

Also learn proper contributor etiquette and how to be invited back again in the future!


How-to Host a Bundle

Ready to take on the responsibility of hosting a bundle? You’ll grow your list even faster.

Learn everything you need to know before hosting a bundle to grow your email list.

Why you need bundles

to grow your email list

Does any of this sound like you?

You’ve made opt-in freebies that you know your audience would LOVE, but they just haven’t gotten you the  results you were hoping for to grow  your email list

You’re tired of depending on social media, and their everchanging algorithms to make things happen in your business.

You’ve even tried paid ads and they just haven’t paid off.

Been there! Done that!

Just Imagine…

a time when…

01Creating a lead magnet that actually works and makes a difference in your business.

02Building an email list faster than you ever thought possible with leads that you can nuture for future growth. 

03A long list of email subscribers ready for a long-term relationship with your brand, because you’ve provided them with so much value.

you & i…We are going to be


I really hope so!

blog how to start

Hey there! I’m Sarah Grace!

I am the creator of the blog planner

I have personally grown my email subscriber list by 87% in less than 30 days, participating in bundles. I created this ebook because I know your frustrations with growing an email list, because I have felt them all myself.  I discovered this tried and true method of growing my own email list exponentially, and I HAD to share it with you.

the Frequently asked Q’s

Skyrocket your Email List with Bundles Ebook

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what are bundles?

A bundle is a curated collection of high-quality, complimentary digital products offered at a single rate (often significantly lower than the bundle’s collective worth), for a limited amount of time. Bundles usually have a theme, and set out to solve a problem for its customers.

what are giveaway events?

Giveaway events have a similar premise to a bundle, but the bundle is given away for free to those that sign up for it.

how much is the ebook?

It’s FREE to Future of Blogging Live Bundle buyers. 

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who is this ebook for?

Bloggers, content creators, course creators, service providers and digital marketers. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator with an established email subscriber list, or a newbie looking to start your email subscriber list from scratch, this ebook has you covered.

why do I need this ebook?

This ebook teaches you how to exponentially grow your email list WITHOUT tirelessly creating opt-in freebies, catering to social media’s algorithms and paid ads.

what are the benefits of contributing to a bundle or giveaway?

Bundle contributors, bundle hosts, and bundle buyers all benefit in difference ways from bundles.  Check out the ebook for more details!