I think that everyone knows that Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend.  Pinterest is a visual search engine, But is it superior to Google’s search engine? For new bloggers (and heck, even established bloggers for that matter) I would say yes.  This blog post will review why Pinterest is the superior search engine (and why you should be using it!).

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Use Pinterest, the Superior Search Engine

Domain Authority

First of all, Google requires a good domain authority for your website to rank anywhere near the first page of search results.  When you first start out as a blogger, your website domain authority is low.  It takes time and a lot of work, to build up your domain authority.  Even then, you won’t be able to compete with brand websites for 1st place (unless you take Mike Futia’s course-Stupid Simple SEO, found here).

Pinterest, however, does not require domain authority to rank on its search results.  You can rank on a subject as a brand new blogger on Pinterest, as long as you have unique, quality content.

Search vs. Discovery

On Google, your content is found if someone searches for that topic of your website.  Searchers often already know what they are looking for on Google, and this is what they plug into the search bar.  The searcher has to already be looking for your blog topic for your blog post to be found.

On Pinterest, your pin that links to your website, is discovered.  People on Pinterest may not be sure what they are even looking for, until BOOM! Pinterest shows them your pin.  It’s the information they never knew they always wanted.

So that leads us to pin design.

Pin Design

You want to make sure your pin is eye-catching, so it is easily discovered amongst all the other pins.  How do you make an attention-grabbing pin?  Check out this FREE ebook, The Perfected Pin, for what exact elements you need to include in your next pin design to make it a fan favorite.


Scroll Length

On Google, searchers typically only look at page 1 of the search results, before they move on to something else.  This means if your domain authority and ranking aren’t high enough to make it to the first page, searchers are not going to find your content.

On Pinterest, people are there to scroll, making your pin discoverable, even if it is not at the top. In fact, 80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

Pinterest, 2023

Other Pinterest Statistics

>>> 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, meaning they are open-minded and undecided and could pick you! (Pinterest, 2023).

>>> Over 400 million people use Pinterest each month, all over the world. (Pinterest, 2023).

>>> People on Pinterest spend 40% more than on other platforms (Pinterest, 2023).

>>> 2 out of 3 users say Pinterest is where they go to find an idea, product or service they can trust (Pinterest, 2023.)


The traffic that your website gets from Pinterest, can help you rank higher on Google.  When Google sees so much traffic coming to your website from another source, it boosts your credibility with Google.

On the flip side, do you think Google helps you out on Pinterest.  NO.


Pinterest is a visual search engine, making Pinterest searches and scrolling, visually-led.  There is more opportunity to rank higher with visual content, rather than typed content on Google.

Typed content is overrun by big-name websites with a super high domain authority anyway, making them impossible to rank for that topic.

The difference between Pinterest search engine and google search engine.

Google Sandbox

There is no official documentation on the internet from Google, that a Google Sandbox exists, but there is enough belief about it online (like even Ahrefs wrote about it), that I think it is worth mentioning.  You can decide what you do with the information.

The “Google Sandbox” phenomenon refers to the possibility that Google restricts new websites from ranking highly on search engine results.  It is unknown how long this period of purgatory lasts, but it can last from weeks to MONTHS.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.  No such restriction exists on Pinterest.  You are able to rank on Pinterest as a new blogger from DAY 1!


If you have an online store on your website, trying to get your products to rank on Google through SEO can take what feels like forever.  As result, Google users commonly use (and pay for!) shopping ads on Google, to increase visibility of the products on Google.

Pinterest has a similar paid ads feature, but also has product tagging on pins.  This feature allows you tag the products in an image, from your connected catalogue.  This gives shoppers the option to shop from images (allowing them to visualize how they would use the products in their own life).  The best part of this nifty feature on Pinterest, it is completely FREE.


    • Visual Search Engine
    • No Domain Authority
    • Discovery
    • Improves Google Ranking
    • No restrictions on new websites
    • Free product tagging on pins


    • Not visual search engine
    • Requires high domain authority
    • Search
    • No benefit to Pinterest ranking
    • Google Sandbox
    • Paid advertisements

If you aren’t using Pinterest as one of your primary search engines, you are missing out on free traffic!  Also, you don’t want to leave my free ebook behind about how to design the perfect Pinterest pin.  Sign up below to have The Perfected Pin sent directly to your email inbox.


Thank you for hanging out with me and reading this blog post. I hope that you find my Pinterest tips and tricks to be helpful.

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